On-Demand Solutions for Logistics Professionals

Logistix Solutions offers web-based, on-demand software solutions that help supply chain professionals analyze and optimize their logistics operations. Each of our proven software solutions are must-have tools in the logistics professional’s arsenal to save fuel costs, driver and vehicle expenses and supply chain costs while offering superior customer service.

Our solutions are available for instant download and priced as Software-As-A-Service.
On-Demand... You only pay for what you use.

Logistix Solutions provides a comprehensive set of full-featured software applications to optimize transportation, warehousing, inventory, and manufacturing costs for all your logistics operations.

  • Distribution Network Design Number and location of distribution facilities, pooling and cross-dock optimization, limited manufacturing and distribution capacity optimization.

  • Sourcing and Product Flow Optimization Total landed cost, supplier selection, limited production and off-shoring optimization.

  • Site Selection Optimization and simulation modeling for facility selection, location and cost / service tradeoffs.

  • Transportation Optimization - Private vs Carrier Fleet optimization, fleet sizing and load consolidation optimization.

  • Truckload Scheduling - multi-stop truck load scheduler generates consolidated loads and schedules for Less than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (TL) orders.

It’s the simplest and fastest way to start using the Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Management software decision support solutions you need with the quickest return on investment. Read More...


Case Study Major Supermarket Chains Saving Millions Using Distribution Network Design
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