On-Demand Solutions for Logistics Professionals

Logistix Solutions is the leading provider of on-demand supply chain optimization solutions that help supply chain professionals analyze and optimize their logistics operations. Each of our proven software solutions are must-have tools in the logistics professional’s arsenal to save supply chain costs while offering superior customer service.

Our solutions are available for instant download and priced as Software-As-A-Service.
On-Demand... You only pay for what you use.

Logistix Solutions provides a comprehensive set of full-featured software applications to optimize transportation, warehousing, inventory, and manufacturing costs for all your logistics operations.

  • Distribution Network Design Number and location of distribution, pooling and cross-dock facilities.
  • Sourcing and Product Flow Optimization Supplier selection and shipment planning.
  • Capacity Planning Supplier production and warehouse capacity optimization.
  • Inventory Optimization Facility sizing and inventory placement.
  • Transportation Optimization - Private Fleet, Carrier, Routing & Scheduling optimization.
  • Truckload Scheduling - Multi-stop Less than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (TL) load optimization.
  • Future Scenario Simulation Risk Assessment and Contingency Modeling.
  • Sustainability Modeling Carbon and GHG Emissions Modeling.

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